John Hyatt on You Tube

New video/sound works

John has recently been extraordinarily busing developing video and music pieces on You Tube. The most recent is the beautiful "A thousand thank yous":


But there are also 14 short linked episodes of "The pilot of bee patrol":

Do What You Wanna Do

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In Every Drop of Dew a Sun Will Rise

The Seven Veils of Metropolis - John Hyatt and Kohei Kujiraoka

Dictionary V1 pdf
Homa Dictionary V1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [556.4 KB]

HoMA no longer exists as a selling gallery.


It is an online dictionary promoting the role of West Yorkshire in Modern Art since the start of the twententh century.


Download the dictionary as a pdf above, and add it to your ipad or tablet. 


The Gallery web page archive is available on this site (click the tabs at page tops to go there).


For more information about the images and to download free copies of original digital art by David Hockney dating from 2009 go to our David Hockney download page.

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