John Hyatt

Lyrical geometries is no longer on show. Some of John's work may still be available.


Prints on Aluminium, signed on reverse


City                           2009, 75cm x 75cm 

City7                         2009, 75cm x 75cm 

City3                         2009, 75cm x 75cm 

Lyrical Geometry 1  2009, 75cm x 75cm 


Digital Perspex Print, signed on reverse


Tyger Window         2009, 75cm x 75cm 


Oil Paintings


Spellbound1          2010, 2ft x 2ft 

Love Roses           2010, 2ft x 2ft 

Peace Lilly             2010, 2ft x 2ft 

Spellbound 2         2010, 2ft x 2ft 

Snowy Wood         2010, 2ft x 1ft 

Small flowers 1     2010, 1ft x 1ft 

Small flowers 2     2010, 1ft x 1ft 

Small flowers 3     2010, 10ins x 10ins  

Listening               2010, 18ins x 12ins 

Little Tree              2010


Water colours

Unimagined Landscape 1           2006 39cm x 46cm

(in the manner of Leonardo)


Unimagined Landscape 5           2006 39cm x 46cm -

(in the manner of Leonardo)

Trees by the River                     2006 



Books, catalogues and magazines

Art Wars 

May Blossom (Signed) 

St Jerome’s Disappearing Cat 

Divers Memories 



"Do What You Wanna do ", 2010



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